Imagine Blog Tour // Interview with Alexa Peterson!!!

    Hello, lovelies! Remember how I did a cover reveal for Teen Writers' Nook's anthology, Imagine, a few weeks ago? Well, Y'ALL. TOMORROW'S THE DAY. IMAGINE IS FINALLY BEING RELEASED!!!!!!    Sooo, to help kick off this TOTALLY AWESOME EVENT that'll happen in T-minus 24 hours, I'll be interviewing one of the AMAZING, FANTABULOUS, authors featured in Imagine, Alexa Peterson!!!! But before we jump into that, here's some info for Imagine including a pre-order link! (Yep-o! You can go ahead and order the e-book RIGHT NOW. Of course, if you wait, you can normally order yeah, I don't know what the opposite of pre-order is  XD an actual physical copy of Imagine tomorrow!) Zee magical pre-order link! It’s time to imagine… Imagination. Such a small word for such a huge impact it has. Every great story begins here—at that moment after the idea but before the story is completed. The spark. The vision. The idea that will expand into a story that clings to readers’

Daylight: A 9/11 Short Story// Interview With Author Grace A. Johnson!

    Welcome to stop #8 of the Daylight blog tour! That's right folks—you remember how I mentioned a while back that this book was coming to the world soon? Well, this week is it! And to kick-off it's release I'm gonna be interviewing the FABULOUS author of Daylight, Grace A. Johnson, today! But before we get started, here's a little info about this incredible short story! General information: Title: Daylight: a 9/11 short story Author: Grace A. Johnson Genre(s): contemporary, new adult, romance Publisher: sky’s the limit press Release date: sept. 11, 2021 Price: $1.99 Promotional Price: $0.99 (runs from Sept. 1-10th) (i.e. get it while you can, 'cause this is pretty darn good deal!) 😉 Blurb: It was too late. The whole world knew it, the nations shaking their heads at the fallen United States, our beautiful country of hope and freedom covered in blood and ashes. Only the devil could’ve planned something so disastrous. Only God could save us now. Only

All About You Around the Blogosphere Tag

     Hello, my lil' pepperonis!!! Don't ask me why I called you that. Just roll with it.  Almost a month ago, I was tagged to do this AWESOME tag by Teen Writer's Nook  (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!) and since it's been a while, I figured it's about time to do it!     THE RULES Answer the questions below on your blog. Tag at least a couple other bloggers. Have them answer these questions!     QUESTIONS      What’s your favorite book/book series and why?          SERIOUSLY, Y'ALL. THERE ARE SO MAAAAANY!!!!!!! 😩*groans* OKAY. Well, every book listed on my  About Me page is a favorite, but since I can only choose one *pouts like a two year old*  I'll go with Howl's Moving Castle. Y'all, this is definitely a comfort book for me and I couldn't recommend it enough! It's just so fun, cozy, BRILLIANTLY written, and HOWL. Eeeeeverybody needs to meet Howl!!! He's such a riot and UGH, Ilovehimsomuch!!!! (Total #HowlAndSophieShipperHere!)      Who is your