The Fandom Tag

 Hey, hey everybody and welcome to the  FANDOM TAG!!!     Today, I'll be fangirling all about a bunch of different fandoms and you get to sit back and either:          a) Fangirl with me!                             OR          b) Not...fangirl with me. (Yeah, that kinda fell flat.)     Sooooo, here are The Rules: Include the graphic Answer the questions! Tag two fangirls (or boys)     If you wanna go back to the blogger who tagged me (*whispers* she actually tagged "anyone" and I just decided to do it even though my blog didn't exactly exist yet ) then you can go HERE and if you wanna go back to it's original post and creator, Madeline, then go  HERE ! (Man, I feel like I said a lot of "go"s in that sentence.) XD SO LET'S DIVE IN!!!     What's the first fandom you remember becoming a part of?     T he first fandom I became a part of was hands-down Star Wars! I remember when I was younger I overheard a girl talking about it and I thought,  Ew. Y

First Post of Soli Deo Gloria!

Hello, one and all, and welcome to my new blog, Soli Deo Gloria!     If you haven't visited my About Me page yet, then I'll let you hop on over there and check it out (if you wanna to know more about me, of course. 😉) If not (which is absolutely fine too), then I hereby present to you the very first post of this blog!     So if you did check out my About Me page, then you also learned a little bit about this blog and why I named it "Soli Deo Gloria". But today, to kick off this insane blogging journey of mine, I wanna share the actual reason of  why I decided to start a blog in the first place. (Yes, if you think about it, there's a difference). 😉So grab some popcorn and chocolate and whatever else will keep you from falling asleep while reading this   and let's begin!!!     It all started one lovely day around this time last year. When the big ol' lockdown happened, life didn't change too much for me since I was already homeschooled, but we did have