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A Flash of Magic Cover Reveal

     As you can see from zee title, I'll be taking part in another cover reveal today!! (I know , I feel like that's the only thing I've been doing lately, but trust me I am pulling together other types of content. *noddy-nod* So many awesome new books are coming out recently though, so I couldn't pass up the chance to help promote another one!) ;P      I'm particularly excited for this book because it's a collection of short stories following three books in the Tales of Ambia series! And if you haven't read the Tales of Ambia YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Each novel is a fairy tale re-telling that highlights the wildly hilarious adventures of a fairy named Burndee and YOU GUYS he's such a fun, grumpy, cinnamon roll, I can't even. I'm tellin' ya, these books will have you rolling on the ground in sTiTcHeS. (I even remember reading the first book,  The Reluctant Godfather,  while brushing my teeth once, and had to stop because I was going to spit the

Preacher on the Run Book Review // Giveaway Announcement!

     Happy Monday, everyone!! Yes, I'm back already...  Earlier this month, I had the privilege to read  a free copy of the book Preacher on the Run by Jayna Baas and agreed to write a review on it to help announce her Independence Day giveaway! That being said, let's begin!! (And don't worry, this review will be spoiler free!)      TITLE: Preacher on the Run      SERIES: For Liberty & Conscience #1      GENRE: Christian historical fiction     BLURB      STANDING FOR TRUTH COULD COST HIM HIS FREEDOM.      FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM COULD COST HIM HIS LIFE.      It’s 1771, and North Carolina is at war. On one side stands established religion and the power of the Crown. On  the other side stands a dangerous freedom of conscience.      Robert Boothe has spent the last four years leading the tyrant-hating Regulators against North Carolina’s  corrupt British government. All he wants is a safe place for his little Baptist church to live and worship God.      But choosing sides h

Feathers and Roses: All Things Fairy Tale Duel Cover Reveals

     *slides in out of nowhere* WELL, WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT! I'M ALIVE!!! *everyone gasps* I know, such a plot twist, huh? Seems like I deserted y'all back in...what, April? *checks calendar* Yep. My bad. *coughs*  The last three months have been CrAzY (especially May), but that's no excuse. Lil' old me was just too stubborn to actually sit down and get some blog posts written—until now of course. (Well, not now  now, but until yesterday...when I realized I had promised to do this blog post and it was due in 24 hours. Welcome to my world, kids. ) HOWEVER, you can bet that I'm officially back from this unplanned hiatus and will do my best to get some posts out in a more timely manner! *nod nod* So that being said, let's get onto the post!!! As you can see from the title, this will be not only ONE cover reveal, but TWO!!!! I'm extremely excited to participate in the Feathers and Roses: All Things Fairy Tale Duel Cover Reveals to help unveil the beautiful maste

Ch. 4: The Time I...Was Drugged For Nefarious Purposes (1 Year Blogoversiary Edition!)

     A few weeks ago I suddenly realized, "Well woulda look at that! My blogoversiary is coming up!" And woulda look at that even more, it's not just any blogoversiary—it's my FIRST one! Needless to say, I was excited. And even more needless to say, I promptly forgot about it five minutes later. I then remembered it a few days ago and figured that I should probably start preparing a special blog post for it. (Whether this actually ends up being "special" I'll let you decide). While I wanted it to be cool, I also wanted it to be unique. Something that fits me.       So, after much thought, I finally decided to give y'all another chapter in "The Time I..." series! However, this chapter isn't just any old chapter. This one details the events of how I started my blog and what happened to me afterwards (and yes, as the title states, it maaaay include the topic of me getting drugged don't worry though, it was legal ).      Before we div