Disney's "Speechless" in Comparison to Christianity // Guest Post by Katherine Perry!

    *waves awkwardly* Heeeeeey, everyone. Yeah it's me. The ole gal who hasn't posted, like, at all this month. *coughs* That's TOTALLY on me by the way.
    Well...and life being busy.
    Including me trying to get a lot written in Before the Flames during November. 
    Which is mostly going like this:

    Okay, okay, maybe not that terribly. I mean, it's not going as well as I would've dreamed it to, but realistically it's going better than I had originally thought. So yeeaaaah. But more on that in the Know the Novel Part 2 post (which you can expect to see before the month is up)! I'm also gonna try to get another post in before December (one in which I can catch up on some tags I'm behind on hehehe) but I'm noooot completely 100% certain if it'll be ready in time ('cause Y'ALL THERE'S ONLY LESS THAN TWO WEEKS LEFT IN NOVEMBER 😳😳😳) so we'll seeee!!!!
    HOWEVER, enough about boring lil' me! Today y'all have a suuuuuper special treat in store because the FANTABULOUS, SO-AWESOME-I-DON'T-EVEN-KNOW-WHY-SHE-LIKES-BEING-FRIENDS-WITH-ME KATHERINE PERRY is guest postiiiiing!!!!!! Katherine and I go waaaaay back, ever since I first found her and her sisters' blog Teen Writer's Nook last November! 

    *blinks* Which means we've known each other for a year. 

    *blinks again* Which means time really does fly. 

    *faints* And now I feel Officially Old. 

    BUT, of course time passes quickly when you're getting to know one of the sweetest, kindest, and most encouraging people EVER!!!! That's just how life rolls, y'all.  😉 Soooo, enough chitter chatter!!! Let's all give Katherine a HUGE round of applause *pauses to clap super loudly* and welcome her to the blog!!!

Thank you so much, Victoria, for asking me to guest post!!! <333 I am so honored to do this!

“But if I say I’ll never mention the LORD or speak His name,
His word burns in my heart like a fire.
It’s like a fire in my bones!
I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it!”
-  Jeremiah 20:9 NLT
[Song credit: “Speechless” by Alan Menken, Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul from the Disney 2019 Aladdin movie.]

    Have you heard the song “Speechless” from Disney’s 2019 Aladdin movie? (If not, I recommend you listen to the lyrics.) It ignites a passion to speak our minds, doesn’t it? Well, have you noticed its comparison to Christianity? In this post, I’m going to break up some of the lyrics and talk about them in pieces. Here we go.
    “I won’t start to crumble whenever they try to shut me or cut me down.” As Christians, we won’t give up or give in to what the world wants. We will continue to stand for Jesus, even if we are persecuted. (See 2 Timothy 4:5.) We will stand firm in the faith. I think there is proof in history that this is true for us. Often we hear of stories about when Christians were killed for their faith and more people received Jesus because of it. People saw that even in the face of death, Christians would not deny their belief, would not deny that Jesus is real. 
    I’m not saying everyone, but lots of people try to silence the Christians. They want us to keep quiet about Jesus. But aren’t we allowed freedom of speech? If other people are allowed to talk about their beliefs, why can’t we? “Stay in your place//Better seen and not heard//Well, now that story is ending.”
    “I won’t be silenced//You can’t keep me quiet//Won’t tremble when you try it//All I know is I won’t go speechless.” We will not be quiet or speechless about Jesus. When we say we won’t tremble, it’s because we know God is on our side. If you are an unbeliever, you may be wondering why Christians are adamant about talking about Jesus. This is because we have a passion deep inside our bones, longing to break free. (I’ll point you back to the verse Jeremiah 20:9.) No matter what, we will never stop talking about Jesus. I mean, after all, He did save our lives. That doesn’t sound like something we would be keeping quiet about. 
    “‘Cause I’ll breathe//When they try to suffocate me.” This is what this line means to Christians: when people try to take our life, God gives it to us. This doesn’t necessarily mean that our life will be physically restored on this earth. It could mean that, but it also means that God gives us spiritual, eternal life. Ultimately, He is the giver of life. For Christians, death does not reign.
    “I cannot be broken.” People cannot break us because God is holding us together. He is our rock and firm foundation. “No, I won’t live unspoken.” We are too passionate to live unspoken. As Jeremiah said in the verse at the beginning of this post, we can’t do it. We can’t live unspoken. Jesus stood up for us, so in return, we want to stand up for Him. Matthew 10:32 talks about acknowledging God here on earth.
“Though you want to see me tremble when you try it.” This couldn’t be more true. The persecutors want to silence us, to see us “tremble.” But how can we when we know that our God is bigger and more powerful?
    Now I want to use Jeremiah as an example (of course, there are many other great examples). If you are unfamiliar with who he is, Jeremiah was a prophet for God. He told the people the messages God gave him to say. Jeremiah was whipped. He was thrown in prison. People plotted to kill him simply because they did not like what he had to say. Did that stop him from speaking about God? No, it didn’t. Yes, there were times when he wanted to keep quiet because he was frustrated and afraid of the people. But as we saw in the verse I shared at the beginning of this post, he could not keep quiet. So, he continued to preach God’s messages. He would not go speechless. Although it may not feel like it now, God will bless you for standing up for Him.
    I give credit to God for every word I wrote in this post. Lord knows I prayed over it countless times. I hope you have found this post inspirational or enjoyed reading it. In the comments, tell me: Do you like the song “Speechless”? What is your favorite line from the song? Anything else about the song you’d like to share? I can’t wait to hear from you!!!
Katherine Perry is the co-founder of the blog, Teen Writers' Nook, and the co-editor of Teen Writers' Nook Imagine anthology. She finds her identity in Christ and hopes to show people the love of Jesus. She enjoys writing in a variety of genres and creatively challenging herself.


  1. Ohh, Yes!!! There are some non-Christian songs that work in a Christian way! Like I was listening to some 1D songs (not gonna spam ur comments with my Hate/love thing. XD) and one sounded really familiar. I looked into it, and apparently Jordan Feliz sang it and I think it came on the radio and that's where I heard it! XD So, yeah!

    Oh, and now that I have Gmail, comments work!

    1. Aaah, I totally agree, Rylie!!!! There's been countless times where I've listened to a non-Christian song and the lyrics make me think of my relationship with Jesus. Wow, that's really cool!! Jordan Feliz must've seen how well the lyrics for 1D's song worked for Christianity and decided to sing it himself.

      Woo-hoo!! Glad to hear your comments work!! :) And thank you for reading and commenting!!!

  2. EEEEEK!!!! You're SOOOO welcome Katherine!!!! THANK YOU (again!) XD for agreeing to do it!!!! For your first question, oh my goodness YES "Speechless" is one of my favorite songs EVEEERRR!!!! It's soooo hard to choose a favorite line though, but I guess I'll go with the chorus!! Aaannd I can't think of anything inspirational to share about it, lol, but my sisters and a couple of our friends made a music video for it for fun once. XD Again, I LOOOOOOVED this post so much and I'm SO SO SO glad you got to do it and share your thoughts about the song with us!!!!!! <333

    1. :D Of course!!!! You're SOOO welcome, girl!!!!!!! THANK YOU (again again XD) for asking me to guest post!!!! I was SO excited to guest post for you!!!!! :D YES YES YES, ME TOO!!!!!!!!! *high-fives* I loooovvee "Speechless"!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, right?! Choosing favorites is so hard, but yes, the chorus is amazing!!! Oooh, REALLY?!?!?! :D THAT SOUNDS SUPER COOL!!!!!!! I bet it was FANTABULOUS!!!!!!! Did any of you dress up as Jasmine for your video? Awww, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, Victoria!!!!!!!!!<33333 I'm sooo glad I was able to do it too and that you loved it!!!! It means so much to me!!!!<3333

      Also, eeekk, that's SO EXCITING that you've been writing in Before the Flames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it in your Know the Novel post!!!!!!!!! And thank you for your sweet intro!!!<333 You're so awesome, girl!!! And I love being friends with you and your sisters!!!!!<33333

    2. Wow, so this is super late, but YOU'RE SO WELCOME!!!! XD Awwwww, trust me, I was even MORE excited about it!!!! *high-fives* YESSSS IT IS SO GOOD!!!! I always get it stuck in my head after listening to it, but it's worth it. XD IT WAS!!! We had a lot of fun!! Haha, no we didn't, but that would have been a really cool idea!!! (Lydia would have actually made a really good Jasmine...) XD We actually just stood in a line and *coughs* made up hand motions to it (so I dunno if that could actually qualify as a "music video") but *shrugs* it was fun either way! XP

      AWWW, THANK YOUUU!!! Oh of course girl!!! I meant every single word!!! <333 I love being friends with you and your sisters even more!!! ;) <33333

  3. I LOVED THIS POST KATHERINE!!!! I actually had forgotten that you were going to do it so when I found that it was going to be today's post I was sooooooooo happy!! I'm so glad that you did it and I agree with you 100% on everything! This was so encouraging and a great reminder to not be silent about Jesus. It's definitely one of my favorite songs and now I'm always going to think about your post when I listen to it! One of my favorite parts in the song is the "I won't be silenced, you can't keep me quiet..." part that I'm too lazy to write the rest out. And your comments about that part of the song are probably my favorite. <3<3<3 It's actually really cool because recently our pastor has been doing sermons and tying in random songs that aren't Christian but he uses them to make points about Christianity like how you did. ANYWAY, I loved this post so much! Love ya girl! *throws chocolate at you before disappearing in a cloud of confetti* <3<3<3

    1. Aww, THANK YOU SO MUCH, EMMA!!!!!!!! Eeee, yay, I'm so happy to hear that you were excited for this post!!!!!! :D Thank you!! I'm so glad I got to do it too!!!! I've had the idea for a while now, but never did anything with it. So when Victoria asked me to guest post, I knew it was time to write this post down. Aw, girl, I'm so happy to hear that it was encouraging
      and a great reminder for you!!!<333 That just makes me day!!!!<3 Eeek, yes, it's one of my favorite songs as well!!!! :D Aw, girl, you're making me smile harder than I already am right now!! :)) Oooh, yes, I really like that part too!! ;) It was that part that caused me to start to think about how much this song applied to Christians. Aww, thank you!!!<3<3<3 Wow, that sounds cool and so amazing that he's able to make Christian points and connections to songs that aren't Christian!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Love ya too, girl!!!<3<3<3 *eats chocolate and wonders how Emma did that amazing disappearing trick*

  4. I agree with everything u said. I have not seen the movie yet or heard the song but my favorite line in the video u linked was: "Written in stone every rule every word. Centuries old and Unbending"
    That shows how God's rules were written on stone: The 10 Commandments. And how God's Word is very old and will never bend.

    1. Hi, Corrie!! Awesome! I'm glad to hear that! Whoa, really?? It's a super awesome movie!!! I TOTALLY recommend you watch it!!! ;) Oooh, yes, that's an awesome line!!! Well said, Corrie!!! I absolutely agree with you!!!! It's so true that God's word will never bend! Thank you for sharing your insight!!! :)

    2. I have seen the original cartoon and read the tale in Arabian Nights but not seen the new movie. You're welcome, but thanks for sharing.

    3. Okay, cool! I've seen the cartoon one as well and love it!!! I've never read it in Arabian Nights, but I really want to! :)
      You're welcome! :)

    4. Oh you should! There are a lot of good stories in it.

  5. AMAZING, sista!!!!!!!!!!! Speechless is SUCH a fantastic song and about the time I first heard it, I began thinking how this could be used as a song for Christians too. So I am SUPER EXCITED to see this post!!! Everything you said was amazing and just soooo spot on. I LOVED IT!!!!!! Another line in the song "don't you underestimate me" also works really well for Christians. We have the power of the Holy Spirit, the God of angel armies is on our side. "If God is for us, who can be against us." So, yeah, non-Christians shouldn't underestimate us, when our God walks on water, brings life to the dead, heals the sick, open the eyes of the blind, and is on our side!!!! Also, another song I REALLY love that goes along with the same theme is Unspoken's Bury the Workman. It talks about how "you can bury the workman, but the work will go on." It goes along perfectly with what you're talking about.

    Again, FABULOUS post, Kit-Kat!! <333333333

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Is!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aah, YES, I totally agree!!!! ;) Cool!! (We're thinking on the same wavelength, girl. XP) AW, thank you!!!!<333 I'm so happy you were excited!!!!!!<3 Thank you! Every word and thought came from Jesus alone. YAY, thank you!!!!! :) Yes, amen, girl!!! I love that!!! It's so true!!! God is bigger and more powerful, and He lives in us. So the unbelievers don't need to underestimate us. ;) Thank you so much for sharing your insight!!! Ooh, that's an AWESOME song!!!! I forgot about it, but you're right--it totally fits the topic of this post!! And I love that line!! Makes me feel all emotional. ;) Thank you so much for sharing it!!!

      Aww, THANK YOU, Is!!! You're so sweet, girl!!! Thank you for reading and commenting!!!<333333333

  6. Wow, amazing post, Kat!! <3333 I love the Speechless, and I never thought of it like that! My favorite line is probably “I cannot be broken.” It's so simple, yet it's so meaningful, you know? It's so beautiful to remember that you can't be broken if you're trusting in God, especially during those hard times. <3

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Lore!!!!!<33333 Me too! I love "Speechless" and everytime I hear it, I think of how I don't want to be silent about my faith and Jesus. I'm glad I was able to share my thoughts about it with you and everyone else. :) That's a great line! So true, girl! It's very meaningful and, like you said, a great reminder that with God we cannot be broken--no matter what. (I really loved how you worded it, girl! Satan's been throwing rocks at me, and God is the only One keeping me together right now. Anyway, thank you for that.<33) Thank you so much for reading and commenting! <3


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